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A monthly new release music and movie criticism show hosted by Bradley Dixon and Simon Di Berardino. Each episode features an extended discussion and review of two films and two albums.

It Was a Very Good Year

A real-time pop culture podcast. Travel back in time 50 years and revisit the films and albums that still influence popular culture today. Currently partying like it’s 1968.

Room with a View – 1 October 2018, RRR

Presented by: Bradley Dixon & Rosie Pavlovic

On today’s show: Anthony Kelly from Melbourne Activist Legal Support joins us in the studio to discuss Legal Observers, people who attend rallies and protests to document police misconduct.

Also, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Tasmania, David Coady, phones in to discuss conspiracy theories, and why the term might actually be unhelpful in modern discourse.

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Soundscape: Liep Gony memorial

I went to the Liep Gony memorial walk at Parliament House today. It was incredibly moving to watch a community of people come together in a time of sadness, frustration and disappointment, and speak with such positivity to a government and society that has treated them with nothing but disdain.

They walked and sang choir songs, screamed and broke down, pleaded for an end to racial violence. It was brutal, and beautiful.

I made a little soundscape of my journey down to the steps of Parliament from RMIT, and some of the choir songs the memorial crowd were singing on their walk.

Room with a View – 16 July 2018, RRR

Presented by: Bradley Dixon & Rosie Pavlovic

On today’s show: Footscray Rubbish Runners are a social running group based around the Maribyrnong River that picks up litter as they run (or walk!). For more information visit @footscrayrubbishrunners on Instagram.

Claire Harris is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of the eco-glitter company Space Vivian. Claire discusses the phasing out of single-use plastics in Victoria, the scourge of plastic waste to marine life around the world and how you can reduce your plastic footprint.

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